Sunday of the Myrrh-bearers - 05/19/24

Christ is risen! On Sunday, May 19 (Holy Myrrhbearing Women) the community of Christ the Saviour welcomed OCMC Missionaries to Mexico, Michael and Carlyn Pak. Michael, who will be graduating from St. Tikhon Seminary over Memorial Day weekend, offered a beautiful homily reflecting on the vocation of the Myrrhbearing women, and their example of a motive of love for Christ. At the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy we honored our Sunday School Director Sophia Kellachow, and our Sunday School Teachers who sacrificially offer themselves in service to our parish youth. At fellowship Michael and Carlyn shared more about the Diocese of Mexico and their mission field, and the Sunday School Students enjoyed an egg hunt (which was postponed from last week), and a carnival themed end of school year celebration. As you can see  - a good time was had by all! Glory to God for all things! 

To learn more about OCMC Missionaries, Michael and Carlyn Pak, and to support their ministry, please click this link.