2021 Slavic + Food Fest - 10/02/21

From Saturday, October 2nd- Sunday October 3rd the community of Christ the Saviour (Harrisburg) held its annual Slavic "Plus" Food Fest. We welcomed hundreds of our parishioners, neighbors and friends to enjoy a "taste" of several of the many cultures that constitutes our ethnically diverse community. Guests were treated to homemade pierogies, halupki, and halushki, as well as Macedonian hamburgers, kielbasa sandwiches, and a variety of pastries and baked goods. The "Plus" represents our Eritrean (East African) community that provided a spicy chicken stew called tsebhi derho, and a vegetable dish called alicha, which was served along with injera (thin spongy bread), and himbasha (desert bread).  In conjunction with the Food Fest, we also held our annual basket raffle. It was especially nice to offer this event after postponing it in 2020 due to the pandemic.

Many visitors made their first trip into our beautiful Orthodox Church, which was open for tours throughout the two-day event. We pray that while our guests filled their bellies for the day, they might have found that "one thing needful" that will nourish their souls for eternity. Glory to God for all things!

NOTE: Our Food Fest is held annually, the first weekend in October.