Ministries (alphabetical)

Christ the Saviour has many ministries which parishioners can join to become more active in the church community, for fellowship and offering of their time, talents, and treasure.

ADULT EDUCATION MINISTRY, {3 Hierarchs}, education, outreach, guest speakers as well as weekly programs during Advent and Lent, meets quarterly (Weeknight evening)

ALTAR SERVERS, (male age 7+), worship, serve in altar for every service

BOOK DISCUSSION GROUP, {St Jerome}, education, fellowship, meets quarterly (typically meet on Sunday afternoon, following fellowship)

CHARITABLE GIVING, includes Food Baskets for Thanksgiving and Christmas, Food Bank/channels, Seminary Family sponsorship & Christmas gifts, Souper Bowl Sunday, Christmas angels, meeting requests made of the Church

CHILD PROTECTION COMMITTEE, training & background checks of personnel, meets as needed

CHOIR, {St Romanos}, worship, sings for every service, practices weekly (Wednesday evening)

CHURCH SCHOOL, education of youth and inquirers (with Orthodoxy 101), meets weekly through the school year for instruction following liturgy (Sunday) Teachers meet quarterly (Saturday)

FEAST ADORNMENT, decorate for major feasts and events in the church and hall, flowers, change and clean votives and cloths

FOCA, (Fellowship of Orthodox Christians in America) (aka “O” club), {St Andrew}, fellowship, giving, excursions, scholarships, family game nights and movie nights, meets monthly (gen Thursday evening)

GREETERS, fellowship, greet new arrivals, distribute bulletin for liturgy, monitor sanctuary doors as appropriate (Sunday)

GROUNDS & MAINTENANCE, routine maintenance (i.e. light bulbs, etc) and grounds keeping (i.e. trimming, raking, etc), meets monthly (Saturday)

HOME CONNECTION, keep in touch with parishioners and friends in hospital or home bound, send cards, call, personal visit.

LADIES’ ALTAR GUILD, {St Mary}, oversee liturgical vestments & textiles, giving, fellowship, nut roll baking, coordinates church service fellowship refreshment provision, meets monthly (Monday evening)

LUNCH BUNCH, fellowship, restaurant social activity, meets monthly (weekday noon)

MEN’S CLUB, {St Alexis}, fellowship, giving, provide meals, meets monthly (Monday evening)

MOM’S GROUP, {St Monica}, fellowship, giving, meets during the school year. This ministry is part of the Ladies Altar Guild

OCCGH, ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN CHARITIES OF GREATER HARRISBURG, {St Herman}, outreach, fellowship, giving, volunteer opportunities, meets monthly (Weekday evening)

PAN-ORTHODOX BIBLE STUDY, education, fellowship, downtown Harrisburg, meets weekly (Wednesday noon)

PARISH COUNCIL, elected church vestry, governance, meets monthly (Thursday evening)

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE, major maintenance, repairs and assessment of projects, meets as needed

PROSFORA BAKERS, {Sts Spyridon and Nicodemus}, worship, bake bread used for communion, meets bi-monthly (gen Wednesday)

READERS, worship, read pre/post communion prayers, epistle for every liturgy, vespers (Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and other feast days)

RELIGIOUS STORE, {St Mary}, sales desk, inventory products, store open after liturgy (Sunday)

SAFETY & SECURITY TEAM, meet to discuss and implement security strategies to keep our community safe

SLAVIC + FOOD FEST, outreach, fundraising, fellowship, provide ethnic foods made from scratch to the public, (seasonal summer & early autumn)(Fest is 1st full week-end in October)

YOUTH CHOIR, worship, sings for some services, practices 2 Sundays following liturgy

YOUTH GROUP, (Junior “O”), (aka “Teens”), (12+), fellowship, volunteering, youth winter/summer camps, week end youth retreats, meets monthly

YOUTH VESTRY, (12+), worship, shadow adult vestry members with duties during liturgy (bells, microphone, etc) (Sunday)